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Camp Risen Son Registrations

Camp dates for 2022:

(Grade level during 2022-23 school year)

Junior - July 16-19 (4th-6th grades)
Middle School - July 19-23 (7th-8th grades)
High School 1 - July 24-29 (9th-10th grades)

Parent and Me - July 29-31

(1st-3rd with parent or grandparent)
High School 2 - July 31-Aug 5 (11th-2022 grads)

Camp Risen Son Staff Application

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Our Heart:

It is our desire to see each camper come to know

the Lord Jesus Christ, and grow in their relationship with Him.  While we strive to make camp an extremely fun experience, we care even more about the impact that it can have on campers' lives.


Camp Risen Son is a ministry of InFaith--a Christ centered, Bible based, mission organization focused on evangelizing, congregating, and discipling

people all over the United States.


In addition to Camp Risen Son (summer camp), each year InFaith conducts our Spring Retreat (for teens), a men's retreat, a Leader's Advance (training), and various outreaches on the Salem, Oregon field.

Future plans:

Coming up May 22nd, 2022: 

 Leader's Advance

2:00 - 5:45

At The Gate

1501 Monmouth St.

Independence, OR 97351

Training for teens and adults interested  in being cabin leaders at camp

Friends of CRS:

Friends of Camp Risen Son is a fund that has been established to help campers come to camp who might otherwise not be able afford to come.  Last year 34 campers came to camp through the generosity of those who donated to "Friends of Camp Risen Son".  


Click the button below if you would like to      find out how to donate to the fund.