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Directions to Drift Creek Camp
*** Google Maps will show you the correct way to get to camp, BUT, you will only have cell service half way up into the mountains.  SO, it is best to bring these directions with you and NOT RELY ON GPS. 

Turn onto Drift Creek Road off Hwy 101 south of Lincoln City (1.1 mile south of the 51st St. light in Taft and 22 miles north of Newport; a sign on 101 indicates that Lincoln City is 4 miles north.) Drive to the first intersection (less then 1.5 mile off Highway 101) where Anderson Creek Road goes to the left and Drift Creek Road continues to the right. From the Anderson Creek intersection, continue following Drift Creek Rd. to the right for close to 1/4 mile after the intersection. (This will be 1.9 miles from turning off Hwy 101.) At this point, turn LEFT onto Forest Service Rd. (FSR) #17 which is a paved single lane fork to the left, with a steep climb. On the right side of the road you will see a green sign for Drift Creek Camp pointing left and a brown sign for the Drift Creek Falls Trail 10 miles. Follow FSR #17 for 4.8 miles to FSR #19 (previously #1929) which is a right turn onto gravel. (You will pass 2 other right hand turns, one at .8 miles and one at 4.2 miles, but continue on the main road to the left until you have driven 4.8 miles.) There will be a large brown Forest Service sign with an arrow pointing RIGHT for Drift Creek Camp, 5 miles. Follow gravel road for 5 miles. You will pass small roads to the right at .8, 1.2, 1.7 and 4.2 miles, but continue to the left to stay on the main road. You will cross North Creek over a large culvert at 4.6 miles. At 5 miles, turn right at the “Siuslaw National Forest, Drift Creek Camp” sign and cross bridge. If you pass our driveway you will notice the road get considerably narrower and you will encounter severe rough road and large “water bars” (like speed bumps). Continue over the bridge and down into camp. You have arrived!

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